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Pain Relief Recipe

Pain Relief Recipe

I have in my notes from Convention: VHP...
Valerian 20 d
Vetiver 20 d
Helichrysum 10 d
Peppermint 3 drops

Also I would like to add for those that are concerned about whether
or not to use the essential oils while taking medication. Gary says
there is nothing to worry about--all Young Living Oils are okay to
use. Here's to your health,
Nancy Sanderson

PAIN RELIEF OK tried, tested and true!!! I woke up this morning with
an awful pain in my lower right back. (It's an old injury area) I
don't recall doing anything that triggered this. I was planning on
going to take a class at the gym just 45 minutes after waking up. I
could not bend forward AT ALL. I could not turn to my left or right
AT ALL. It hurt me to breathe in.

I have no interest in having this back pain ever ever again. The
pain was right on the edge of it being really close to how it felt
with my last injury several years ago. I drank my Ningxia Red juice,
I took AlkaLime in water and my Omega Blue and Longevity capsule and
went right for my oils. I must have lathered 15 different oils on
continually for 15 minutes. They helped for sure but the pain was
still there. I thought what did Gary teach us to do for pain?
Ahhhhhhhh YES! He just showed us the results of using 4 different
oils for 200 post-surgery patients.

He revealed to us that 200 people out of 200 had 100% pain control
with using these 4 oils right after surgery. I thought OK this has
got to work because I am just not into this kind of pain and I AM
going to the gym! I found the recipe in my notes from convention.. .

20 drops of Valerian
10 drops of Helichrysum
3 drops of Clove
3 drops of Peppermint

As I am pouring the oils into my capsules I am thinking God this is
an expensive formula and that only lasted about 10 seconds before I
thought No! Expensive is being out of work as a massage therapist
and not being able to work for weeks let alone not being able to
move and walk normally. If this worked for 200 people it just has to
work for me!

I am telling the complete truth here now. Within 10 minutes of
taking the capsules I was out of the severe pain. I thought, go lie
on ice, go put more oils on... No, I chose to see what this pain
formula would do. Within 20 minutes (I swear) I bent over and put my
shoes on and was out the door to the gym. Burping my oils up (we are
supposed to! :)) all the way to the gym I thought: I am going to try
this and just be really cautious and go slow. Within 1/2 hour I was
95% free of pain and was working out with 10 LB weights and
twisting, lunging, doing core strength work pain free! 201!!!!

Count me in Gary!! It worked and I only did one dose of this
treatment all day and I am still out of pain tonight!!!!! Thank God!!
I don't call this a miracle anymore. All the compounds and
properties are there in nature. For the last 10 years since I
started using the oils for myself and my bodywork clients I have
seen consistent phenomenal changes and results both physically and

And just had to let you know I used 20 different brands of essential
oils for 14 years with my bodywork clients before I ever heard of
Young Living oils and NEVER EVER saw one result. I used them because
I felt drawn to oils and because they smelled good. The reason why
our oils are so effective is because of a man named Gary Young and
his knowledge, tenacity and years of study and research around the
world. Not only that he is a master agriculturist, farmer and
distiller which is why our oils work!

I just LOVE having yet another personal testimonial! If you are in
any sort of pain USE THIS FORMULA! In a size "00" veggicap (you will
need 2 empty capsules for this)

20 drops of Valerian
10 drops of Helichrysum
3 drops of Clove
3 drops of Peppermint
IT WORKS!!! Tried, Tested and True!!! Blessings! Julie Chertow

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Re: my personal testimonial for pain Hello I did remember Gary Young
sharing with us at convention that he put them on topically but also
had them drink this pain formula in water because I am sure it would
be difficult for post surgery people to take capsules. However
that I was not post-surgery and chose not to taste all those oils in
water. It was capsules all the way for me!

I say when you are in pain or have any kind of acute situation what
I do... I take our oils in capsules, put them on topically, drop
them under my tongue (if they're not too hot)! Drink them, diffuse
them and saturate, saturate, saturate!! One of these ways is going
to work! I try one way and if it does not work or it is just working
a little I try another way or add another oil or two. I do feel to
take a tsp. of AlkaLime first is highly beneficial because the oils
work much more effectively in an alkalined environment. And by the
way I am still completely out of pain. It never came back. WOW!!!
Blessings! Julie Chertow

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Hello I really did not mean we are supposed to burp up oils but we
do anytime we take them. Gary told us this is good because it means
its working and the cells are being saturated. Not always the best
taste but the results are so phenomenal taking oils in capsules. As
far as being able to work out at the gym right after taking this
pain formula--its true I did and I never ever thought of the
valerian making me tired and I was just so happy to be out of pain
so quickly and amazed and just went on with my commitment to get
myself to the gym. Wow, I never really did feel tired from all that
valerian, come to think of it Julie Chertow
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Essential Oils Remedies

What to do for a cough
Teaspoon of Honey: (We like Young Living's AGAVE best)
Add 2 drops of lemon
Add 2 drops of Melrose
Add 2 drops of Cedarwood
Stir into the honey or AGAVE with tooth pick. Put the spoon
in their mouth with the honey/AGAVE and oils and held
their mouths until the honey/AGAVE and oils had dissolved
and swallowed.
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My Personal Testimonial Using Young Living Oils Pain
Formula By: Jul
Fri Feb 23, 2007 7:55 pm (PST)

Hello to all of you!

I have quite the testimonial to share with you all and am so
grateful and pleased to do so.

First of all I want to acknowledge Gary Young who
formulated this very powerful formula.
And for his never ending compassion, tenacity and
steadfastness to bring us all his love, care and wisdom.

I have been diligently trying for a couple of years to
shrink or dissolve a fibroid tumor I have had in my uterus.
Somehow it just kept wanting to grow and grow. So it got to
a point that it was dangerously getting too big and I
needed to have it surgically removed.

So just last week, on Feb. 13th 2007 I went into the
hospital to have a hysterectomy surgery.
As we all know they told me to absolutely have nothing not
even water from 12:00 midnight the night before. Well,... I
had to follow my wisdom and knowledge and so I did what
Gary was doing with the pre-surgery patient's in Ecuador
and took the pain formula 1/2 hour before going to the
hospital and then i took 20 drops of Helichrysum and 20
drops of Cistus oil in capsules with just a sip of water about
45 minutes prior to going into surgery. We were taught that
this would help with any excessive bleeding during surgery
along with helping support loss of white blood cells. Well,
after all was said and done my doctor said to me, "I do not
understand, you hardly bled at all, this is so unusual" It

Right when I came out of the recovery room, I had written
out instructions for my friends to immediately make me
capsules of the pain formula.

20 drops Valerian
20 drops Vetiver
10 drops Helichrysum
5 drops Clove
5 drops Peppermint
10 drops Idaho Balsam Fir

*** I chose to add more peppermint for its anti-inflammatory
properties and chose to add Idaho Balsam Fir because it is
so powerful in its effectiveness for pain

I became the talk of the hospital and was told the doctors
and nurses were in "AWE" and "Stunned" as this is
"Unheard of" to have a major abdominal surgery
without pain meds. I then said what makes you think these
oils are not powerful pain blockers?

I never ever took ANY pain meds ONLY our essential oils
formula!!! I would take the formula about every 3 hours. I
got up and walked within 5 hours after coming out of

By the 2nd day the head of OBGYN of the hospital came in
and had to ask me to stop using my oils as many of the
staff members were having bad reactions. We all knew
they were detoxing but of course they blamed the oils. She
apologized profusely and I said its fine don't worry I am
going home the next day and I will use them then. I
continued of course to take my pain formula
internally. Then she said to me "clearly there is really
something to these oils and clearly there is a gap between
western and alternative health care and clearly this is
awareness and education. So we would like you to come
teach some of the nurses and staff about these oils!!!! How
about that?.... WE LOVE THIS!!!

I of course said YES!!!

I shared with her that before 80 or so years ago there was
no such thing as pharmaceutical medicine and that the only
medicine ever used for thousands of years were oils and
herbs. I said now if that's not a testimony to their
effectiveness I don't know what is. It made her start to
think. This is really really a great thing to share with people
that makes them realize something more about oils.

So now I am home just resting and healing and using
heaps of oils for my scar removal

I am using the following oils because these completely took
away another big scar I had many years ago.

Gentle Baby

I am putting 45,000 IU Vitamin E oil over my last essential
oil application at night before bed as well.

I will let the tissue heal a bit longer and then start to add
Sulferzyme to help with the scar. But I think I need to wait a
bit to let the tissue start to adhere.

I am still using the internal pain formula when I need to and
definitely feel a big difference when i don't take it. soon i will
not need to anymore

I am a walking "American" testimonial that this essential
oils pain formula REALLY WORKS!!!

I want to give VERY special thanks to all of my dear sweet
sisters who have so graciously given of their time and love
to offer support for helping to care for me during this time
and feeding me oil capsule after oil capsule!!

With deep gratitude,

Julie Chertow

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A while back we received this request from one of our
members: (She asked not to use her name)

I have a friend who has diarrhea from irritable bowel or
spastic colon, not infectious. I consulted the EODR and it
seems Di-Gize is the best. Is this even for a non-infectious
diarrhea? Do you have any other recommendations? Do
you know how often she should take it? Should it be in
a capsule or liquid?
Thank you,
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Sha-Faun answered:

If this were us we would use Di-Gize on tummy and
internally. Try this cup of warm water and 6 drops of
Di-Gize ....stir.... .drink. Also follow on page 323 in the new
Essential Oil Desk Reference.

You may also use in capsule too. We would use at least
three times a day.

Study on page 355 in the EODR for Irritable Bowel
challenges. This comes on us when we have stress, bad
diets, enzyme (lacking) low fiber. Suggest 'enzymes'.
Detoxzyme. Peppermint would also be good for this

Hope this helps you,

Rich and Shauna
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Later she responded:

Dear Rich and Shauna,

My friend used Di-Gize 1 drop in water every 15 min, 3
times. It worked! She has no more diarrhea. Not surprised
are you? Yep, I'm thankful for these oils. I also used the
Di-Gize for some post Thanksgiving food poisoning. It

Thank again,

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Dear Sha-Faun Team

Margie shares how she uses Young Living products each

Hi...I use
Valor for balancing energy & back support
Thieves for prevention to ward off germs, etc.
Aroma Seize for sore muscles
Peppermint for breath freshener & energy
White Angelica for protection from negativity
Lemon in every glass of water I drink to purify blood

I use other oils too as the need arises like Lavender for
burns or skin irritations, Cypress for circulation, Purification
for pesky crawling critters of insect bites & for wiping the air
vent onboard airplanes, RC for sinus or cold symptoms.

I also use Body Balance in place of breakfast, Sulfurzyme
for arthritic symptoms (gone now), Mineral Essence for
minerals that are lacking, Vita Green for added
vitality, Thyromin (before going to bed) to support my
remaining left lobe of the thyroid, Prenolone Plus for
hormone support (post menopausal).

Additionally I use Dentarome for my deodorant & Den
tarome Plus for my teeth. I also shampoo & condition with
Rosewood & shower with Morning Start. I cleanse in the
Fall & Spring with Cleansing Trio & Juvatone & also use
Parafree 21 days in a row (off 7 days) & repeat if necessary
for another 21 days.

I don't have health insurance & I trust the oils (& God) to
help me thru & keep me healthy. It's been a blessing learn
ing about them & enjoying the benefits.

Blessings... Margie:)

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Don't forget to build our immune system to help keep us
healthly, Nancy

Dr.Young gave us this recipe as the most powerful natural

10 drops lemon;
8 drops mountain savory;
3 drops oregano.
Put in "00" capsule (you can get them at your local health
food store) and
take 1-3 time a day.
On January 11, 2002, Dr. Terry Friedmann came to Albu
querque, NM to give a seminar about Young Living
Essential Oils. During the event he gave us a recipe for an
antibiotic made of essential oils.
Dr. Friedmann's recipe:

12 drops Thieves
6 drops Oregano
2 drops Frankincense
put into a "00" gel capsule

I like to take a capsule full of Exodus II and if I feel I need
something a little stronger I will add
2 drop of oregano to it. If it is serious I will take two cap
sules at a time and in the morning what-
ever wanted to move in and take up residents is gone. You
can use Thieves the same way.
And don't forget your NingXia Red. Nancy Sanderson

Many essential oils have broad-spectrum antifungal, anti
bacterial and antiviral effects.
For example, thyme oil was shown to exert powerful antimi
crobial effects against 25
different types of bacteria (Deans and Richie, 1987). Unlike
synthetic antibiotics, which
are composed of a single type of chemical, essential oils
are composites of hundreds of chemicals.

Single Oils: Oregano, thyme, cinnamon, mountain savory,
lemon, rosewood, melaleuca,
clove, ravensara, and eucalyptus radiata.

Blends: Thieves, Exodus II, ImmuPower, Melrose,
Inspiration, and Sacred Mountain.
Supplements: Royaldophilus, ImmuGel, Exodus, Super C,
Radex, and ImmuneTune.

Antibiotic Reactions
Synthetic antibiotic drugs indiscriminately kill both beneficial
and harmful bacteria. This can result in yeast infections
(including candida Antiseptic), diarrhea, poor nutrient
assimilation, fatigue, degenerative diseases, and many
other conditions and symptoms. The average adult has 3-4
pounds of beneficial bacteria permanently residing in the
These beneficial flora:
Constitute the first line of defense against bacterial and
viral infection
Produce B vitamins
Maintain pH balance
Combat yeast and fungus overgrowth
Aid in digestive process

Supplements: Royaldophilus, Wolfberry Bars, and Stevia
Select. During antibiotic treatment, take 5 grams of Stevia
Select and 2-3 servings of acidophilus daily on an
empty stomach before meals. After completing antibiotic
treatment, continue using acidophilus and
Stevia Select for 10-15 days.