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Pain Relief Recipe

Pain Relief Recipe

I have in my notes from Convention: VHP...
Valerian 20 d
Vetiver 20 d
Helichrysum 10 d
Peppermint 3 drops

Also I would like to add for those that are concerned about whether
or not to use the essential oils while taking medication. Gary says
there is nothing to worry about--all Young Living Oils are okay to
use. Here's to your health,
Nancy Sanderson

PAIN RELIEF OK tried, tested and true!!! I woke up this morning with
an awful pain in my lower right back. (It's an old injury area) I
don't recall doing anything that triggered this. I was planning on
going to take a class at the gym just 45 minutes after waking up. I
could not bend forward AT ALL. I could not turn to my left or right
AT ALL. It hurt me to breathe in.

I have no interest in having this back pain ever ever again. The
pain was right on the edge of it being really close to how it felt
with my last injury several years ago. I drank my Ningxia Red juice,
I took AlkaLime in water and my Omega Blue and Longevity capsule and
went right for my oils. I must have lathered 15 different oils on
continually for 15 minutes. They helped for sure but the pain was
still there. I thought what did Gary teach us to do for pain?
Ahhhhhhhh YES! He just showed us the results of using 4 different
oils for 200 post-surgery patients.

He revealed to us that 200 people out of 200 had 100% pain control
with using these 4 oils right after surgery. I thought OK this has
got to work because I am just not into this kind of pain and I AM
going to the gym! I found the recipe in my notes from convention.. .

20 drops of Valerian
10 drops of Helichrysum
3 drops of Clove
3 drops of Peppermint

As I am pouring the oils into my capsules I am thinking God this is
an expensive formula and that only lasted about 10 seconds before I
thought No! Expensive is being out of work as a massage therapist
and not being able to work for weeks let alone not being able to
move and walk normally. If this worked for 200 people it just has to
work for me!

I am telling the complete truth here now. Within 10 minutes of
taking the capsules I was out of the severe pain. I thought, go lie
on ice, go put more oils on... No, I chose to see what this pain
formula would do. Within 20 minutes (I swear) I bent over and put my
shoes on and was out the door to the gym. Burping my oils up (we are
supposed to! :)) all the way to the gym I thought: I am going to try
this and just be really cautious and go slow. Within 1/2 hour I was
95% free of pain and was working out with 10 LB weights and
twisting, lunging, doing core strength work pain free! 201!!!!

Count me in Gary!! It worked and I only did one dose of this
treatment all day and I am still out of pain tonight!!!!! Thank God!!
I don't call this a miracle anymore. All the compounds and
properties are there in nature. For the last 10 years since I
started using the oils for myself and my bodywork clients I have
seen consistent phenomenal changes and results both physically and

And just had to let you know I used 20 different brands of essential
oils for 14 years with my bodywork clients before I ever heard of
Young Living oils and NEVER EVER saw one result. I used them because
I felt drawn to oils and because they smelled good. The reason why
our oils are so effective is because of a man named Gary Young and
his knowledge, tenacity and years of study and research around the
world. Not only that he is a master agriculturist, farmer and
distiller which is why our oils work!

I just LOVE having yet another personal testimonial! If you are in
any sort of pain USE THIS FORMULA! In a size "00" veggicap (you will
need 2 empty capsules for this)

20 drops of Valerian
10 drops of Helichrysum
3 drops of Clove
3 drops of Peppermint
IT WORKS!!! Tried, Tested and True!!! Blessings! Julie Chertow

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Re: my personal testimonial for pain Hello I did remember Gary Young
sharing with us at convention that he put them on topically but also
had them drink this pain formula in water because I am sure it would
be difficult for post surgery people to take capsules. However
that I was not post-surgery and chose not to taste all those oils in
water. It was capsules all the way for me!

I say when you are in pain or have any kind of acute situation what
I do... I take our oils in capsules, put them on topically, drop
them under my tongue (if they're not too hot)! Drink them, diffuse
them and saturate, saturate, saturate!! One of these ways is going
to work! I try one way and if it does not work or it is just working
a little I try another way or add another oil or two. I do feel to
take a tsp. of AlkaLime first is highly beneficial because the oils
work much more effectively in an alkalined environment. And by the
way I am still completely out of pain. It never came back. WOW!!!
Blessings! Julie Chertow

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Hello I really did not mean we are supposed to burp up oils but we
do anytime we take them. Gary told us this is good because it means
its working and the cells are being saturated. Not always the best
taste but the results are so phenomenal taking oils in capsules. As
far as being able to work out at the gym right after taking this
pain formula--its true I did and I never ever thought of the
valerian making me tired and I was just so happy to be out of pain
so quickly and amazed and just went on with my commitment to get
myself to the gym. Wow, I never really did feel tired from all that
valerian, come to think of it Julie Chertow
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