Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tinnitus, Vertigo and Allergies

Three fingers for tinnitus, vertigo and allergies

Feldsher: "There is a very simple technique you can use on yourself that can quickly relieve tinnitus, vertigo (dizziness) and, in may cases, allergy symptoms.

"The key to the technique lies in your anatomy. Your armpit appears hollow when you lift your arm because there is a front muscle (Pectoralis Major) and a back muscle (Teres Major) forming the borders of the armpit. This front muscle holds a collection of lymphatic drainage points for the entire upper side of the body.

"Lets say that you have tinnitus in your right ear. Take your left hand, reach across your chest and curl your first three fingers around the right front armpit muscle. Your index finger should be snug against the inner arm. Press in very lightly and hold. Soon you'll begin to feel a faint pulse in your index finger. As the fluid begins to drain, you'll feel the pulse in all three fingers as the flow increases. Lightly press the tips of your middle and ring fingers into center of armpit. You'll feel more pulses.

"The first thing you'll notice is that your left nostril starts to clear and it frequently "pops open." Sinus pressure is relieved. With ear congestion, you'll feel or hear bubbling or crackling in your right ear. Continue on. As the swelling drains from in and around your ear, the tinnitus stops, the vertigo lifts, and the pain and pressure clears. Your ear "pops," sometimes for the first time in years. If you keep going, it will feel like the right side of your face is deflating... and it is. Now do the other side. Take a deep breath through your nose. How are your allergies?

"If you've had swelling in your right hand, that's gone too. Notice how easily you can remove your rings after you're done. If you had upper back pain, how's that now? It drains the lungs too. How's your asthma?

"Precautions: In pressing these points you are draining accumulated lymphatic fluid from around the cells and returning it to your venous circulation. With many people, this fluid has been stagnant and accumulating for years. In other words, you are draining murky swamp water. While draining your fluid, you may detect funny smells or funny chemical tastes briefly as these toxins drain out. If too much of this swamp water gets into your circulation too fast, it may trigger a healing crisis by overloading your system. If you try this in little bite-sized sessions, you can prevent an overload.

"The lymphatic circulatory system plays a big role in your immune system. Normally the fluid slowly flows through the lymphatic glands which filter the fluid before passing it on. If the fluid contains bacteria, cancer cells, or any other bad things for your immune system to address, it happens in these glands. This drainage technique opens those glands and lets everything flow through. Which means that if you have an infection or a cancer... don't do this.

"Be patient. Sometimes if you're really clogged up, it may take a while to get going. Also, it's best to do this at home... and not at bedtime. Your kidneys will be very busy afterward and having a nearby bathroom is a must!"

Clara33: "How many times and for how long do you have to do this treatment? Are there other treatments like this?"

Feldsher: "It may take a few minutes to get the flow going. Once the drainage starts, you continue until you have improvement. It usually takes less than 10 minutes on each side to clear allergies. Since tinnitus and vertigo are usually one-sided, it's less than ten minutes until you get relief."


dancilhoney said...

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John Berry said...

Do you do this with your arm (the one being drained)up or down? How significant is the precise positioning of your fingers?

lilac lover said...

Not quite sure if you are still around .It is now two years since the last comment .Your under arm remedy for
Tinnitus removal. However my tinnitus is from the brain, and will not be affected by draining lymph systems.
not quite sure if there are any in the head.
don't suppose you have any suggestions for the (brainy ) ones who suffer ??


Unknown said...

Believe my tinnitus might have same brain origin. Came immediately after doctor prescribed antidepresent. Battled breast cancer. Am 7 yr.survivor. Removed lymph nodes affected. Should I refrain from this modality for my tinnitus. Apprehensive to mess with lymphatic due to medical history. Not sure if I should take the plunge. Need help decided as tinnitus drives me crazy and know of no other remedy.

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